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"Whispers of Truth"

The truth, in its constancy, like the sun that never darkens,

Its light, firm and unchanging, enriches the universe it embarks in.

It doesn't deceive, it doesn't twist, in its purity it remains,

A beacon of certainty in the night, that dissipates the doubts it tames.

It's the voice of knowledge, an ancient and persistent song,

Whispering secrets to the wind, clear messages to the conscious throng.

Like a wise serpent, it glides slowly and stealthily,

In the silence of the night, its voice is the most lovely.

It's a profound echo, in the caverns of the mind it resounds,

Revealing hidden truths, illuminating the densest shadows it surrounds.

The truth, the serpent, the knowledge, the essence,

In the grand dance of the cosmos, they are the most beautiful presence.

In the quietude, the truth shines, a blazing star,

In the wisdom of the serpent, we find a constant guide, no matter how far.

Thus, through time and space, its echo is always resonant,

The truth, in its splendor, shines eternally brilliant.


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