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"Unchained Melody of Love"

In the realm where hearts entwine,

Once imprisoned by a confined design,

Love yearned for an open space,

A journey free from a restrictive embrace.

Bound by fear, shackled in doubt,

Yearned the heart, eager to break out,

Craved it warmth, yearned it light,

To transcend day, to conquer night.

In whispers soft, a quiet plea,

“Liberation, be my decree.

To love not in bonds but in liberty,

Is the dance of souls, the ultimate jubilee.”

The walls fell, the chains did shatter,

Unleashed love, no tether to matter,

Roaring like a freed river's course,

Bearing the strength of a wild horse.

Once captive, now set afloat,

A melody resonates from love's throat,

It sings of stars, it hums of the sea,

Of unchained hearts, forever free.

Through thorns and blossoms, through joy and strife,

The liberated love breathes life,

In every whisper of the breeze,

In every rustle of the trees.

From shackles, love's been set free,

In its wildness, finds its decree.

To love not just in tranquility

But also in passionate volatility.

So here's to the liberation of love, so grand,

Unleashed, unfettered, across the land,

May it soar high, like a dove,

In the boundless, open sky above.


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