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Through the Eyes of Wonder (Poem)

In every bloom and blade of grass,

In every dawn’s new light,

In every whisper of the wind,

In every starlit night.

A beauty deep within is found,

In places big and small,

A world of wonders waiting there,

For those who heed the call.

The colors of the setting sun,

The silver of the moon,

The song of birds at morning light,

The gentle hum of noon.

The wisdom in an elder’s eyes,

The strength in lines of age,

The love in a mother’s gentle touch,

A child’s innocent stage.

It’s there in each moment of the day,

In everything we see,

If only we pause, take a look around,

And simply choose to be.

So let’s embrace each moment,

And see with heart, not eyes,

For everything holds beauty,

When we open to the skies.


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