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"The Journey of the Warm Soul" (Poem)

The world was cold, with love I warmed it, no matter the circumstance, I never lost faith. The night was dense, and with dreams I illuminated it, in the deepest void, I always found a light.

The earth was hard, with tenderness I softened it, and despite the storms, I cultivated a garden. In every bitter struggle, I tasted sweet honey, and with every sad goodbye, I birthed a new life.

The path was broken, with courage I mended it, and even though I encountered a thousand obstacles, I never stopped, I did not yield. Over the river of discouragement, I laid a bridge of hope, and even though the world was cold, with love, I always warmed it.

In this infinite universe, I filled it with stars, creating constellations of memories, a cosmos of emotions I weaved. Every high mountain, with patience I climbed, and on every challenging peak, I reached a horizon of victory.

The dark and deep valleys, with compassion I crossed, and in every threatening shadow, I deployed a whisper of courage. Every vast and arid desert, with tears I watered, transforming the dry sand, into an oasis of beauty and faith.

The turbulent and brave seas, with wisdom I navigated, and in every furious wave, I created a calm harbor. The dense and mysterious forests, with curiosity I explored, untangling the hidden paths, I drew a map of life.

The dark and secret caverns, with courage I illuminated, discovering hidden treasures, in the depths of my being. Throughout this journey, I fought sadness with joy, transforming every fallen tear, into pearls of resilience that I gathered.

The deep and piercing pain, with tenderness I soothed, and in every open wound, I extended a balm of healing. Even though the world was cold, with love, I always warmed it. No matter the circumstance, I never lost faith.

For on the canvas of life, with vibrant colors I painted, and despite the dark night, I always awaited the dawn. And on this eternal journey, every step with love I marked, leaving footprints of hope, on


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