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"The Dance of Becoming Nobody"

In a game of mirrors and smoky veils,

We search, we strive, in endless trails,

For titles, trophies, and tales to tell,

In this illusion, we often dwell.

But wisdom whispers in the silent spaces,

In the heart's deep caverns, in nature's graces,

To seek not the echo, but the song,

To dance to a rhythm, profound and strong.

Become not a name, nor a face in the crowd,

Not a whisper, nor echo, not humble, not proud,

Seek instead the depth of the night,

Where stars shine brightest, emitting light.

Becoming nobody, a paradox it seems,

A path of awakening, found in dreams,

To shed the cloak of "I" and "me",

In the realm of nobody, we're truly free.

In the dance of becoming, of loss and find,

Unravel the threads that to the ego bind,

And discover beneath, a radiant gem,

The art of becoming, the truest "them".

A journey inward, a dive quite deep,

Where secrets of the universe silently seep,

To become nobody, to truly see,

Is to embrace all, in unity.

In the dance of nobody, the game's end and start,

Where we find connection, and love's true art,

To play not for winning, nor fear to lose,

But for the dance itself, the path we choose.


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