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“Journey of the Lone Road”

It's late nights and early mornings, trapped in this ceaseless chase,

Can't put a halt to my journey, stuck in this relentless pace.

Got these heavy chains around me, it's a prison, not a home,

Doubt and fear surround me, it's a battle, waged alone.

Sometimes the tears start falling, they mix with sweat and dirt,

But I gotta keep on moving, got to prove my worth.

Life's a jagged road, ain't no space for rest,

Fate a heavy load, a ruthless, endless test.

All the love I gave, seems it wasn't enough,

Can't escape the pain, your betrayal cuts too rough.

As I travel through the darkness, guided by the moon,

I sing a song of sadness, a lonesome, haunted tune.

I'm driving towards a future, where maybe I'll find solace,

Beyond the desolate horizon, lies hope, or so I promise.

All I can do is keep on pushing, steer clear from defeat,

I'm in charge of my own destiny, in the driver's seat.


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