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“In the Flow of Truth: An Interconnected Journey”

In the flow of truth, without deceit, without lies,

With burning desire, at every moment, I breathe,

Living in the present, without haste, without ties,

In the river of time, my essence, I expire.

The fruits of knowledge, like a sacred serpent,

They intertwine in my soul, enchanted dance,

Give me a moment, oh, time, stop,

To embrace what counts, my calm being feels.

In this eternal journey, I immerse myself with passion,

Discovering the essence, life and reason,

In the flow of truth, my being is renewed,

And in each new heartbeat, the divine is perpetuated.

Let the wind whisper secrets of wisdom,

May the stars guide the way, filling the day with magic,

The flow of truth is a vanishing mystery,

In its eternal dance, the soul is enriched.

We discover hidden treasures in introspection,

The reflection of the soul, a mirror of perfection,

We connect with the cosmos, with everything intertwined,

On this journey without borders, protected by the divine.

In the maze of time, we are linked threads,

Each step, an experience, a longed-for learning,

We weave our story, with every thought,

A canvas of experiences, of every feeling.

The challenges of the road show us strength,

Obstacles are bridges, they give us certainty,

What we are capable of, to glow in the dark,

To turn challenges into opportunities for prosperity.


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