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"In Pursuit of More: A Rhymed Tale of Non-Attachment"

In Eudaimonia's bustling sprawl, lived Adrastos, desiring all,

A thirst for more, both big and small, a restless chase, a ceaseless brawl.

In wealth and status, he took pride, but peace within, it did reside,

In dusty books, a secret hide, with ancient wisdom as his guide.

"Seek not without, but look inside," the hallowed texts did coincide,

"From possessions, one must divide, the path to peace is clarified."

He pondered long and then decided, on this new path, he'd be guided,

The art of non-desire, he tried, with mindful steps, he now abided.

No longer chased he, the outer prize, but saw the world through wiser eyes,

In simple moments, he found his highs, beneath the blue, expansive skies.

He cherished love and bonds sincere, the fleeting now became so dear,

In his heart, a shift did steer, the fog of want began to clear.

News of his transformation grew, through Eudaimonia it flew,

How he'd found joy in the simple and true, they marveled at his enlightened view.

For he still lived in abundance grand, but his desires, he could command,

In the moment, he'd understand, life's beauty, naturally unplanned.

So, let Adrastos' tale implore, you can have all, when you want no more,

True joy isn't outside your door, it's in contentment at your core.


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