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Amid the Shadows, We'll Be Alright (Poem)

In this sea of sorrow, I tread,

With a heart heavy, filled with dread.

My name stained, my spirit bled,

Yet I whisper, "we'll be alright," it's said.

Judgements cast, my deeds in the light,

"Wrong," they declare, "not right."

Sleep eludes in the cloak of night,

Still, I echo, "we'll be alright."

A glimmer of hope in the moonlight,

Guides my soul through the fight.

Silent prayers take flight,

"We'll be alright, we'll be alright."

Fame and fortune, a dazzling sight,

Yet, they brought pain, cloaked in bright.

Changed my essence, with might,

But I know, "we'll be alright."

In the heart of the storm, stand upright,

Let not the pain steal your light.

Look beyond the black and white,

And remember, "we'll be alright."

For in the whispers of the twilight,

In the promise of a new daylight,

Through the pain, through the fright,

"We'll be alright, we'll be alright."


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